When it comes to assessment, metric thresholds are needed to let the user define the boundaries between acceptable and unacceptable metric values. However, a single threshold may not provide us with the granularity desired for certain metrics.

Traffic Light RatingFor example, we might want to say, a value for a method's lines of code up to 30 is perfect, up to 60 is still fine, up to 120 is critical, above 120 is really bad and 240 is the worst we can imagine.

STAN provides what we call Traffic Light Ratings, partitioning the value range into green, amber and red subranges. Back to our example, 70 lines of code is better than 110. So, even if both values fall into the amber range, they will be rated differently.

STAN comes with a reasonable set of default ratings. However, ratings can be added, removed and adjusted easily. Furthermore, the current settings can be exported and imported. This allows to share preferences with others or to switch between multiple profiles.

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STAN 2.1.2

We are pleased to announce the 2.1.2 maintenance release of STAN, adding support for Java 8.