Quality Metrics

Metrics ViewTo be able to value certain aspects of structural quality, STAN also computes several metrics. A metric is simply a function mapping artifacts of some kind to numbers. A metric computation can be as simple as counting the number of classes in a package or as complex as determining the average component dependency in the package dependency graph.

STAN's aim is not to be a mass metrics tool. There are hundreds of metrics that could be computed quite easily, but who really wants to see them all?

STAN currently supports

  • Several counting metrics
  • Estimated Lines of Code
  • McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Average Component Dependency (ACD), Fat and Tangled
  • Metrics by Robert C. Martin
  • Metrics by Chidamber & Kemerer

Metrics are collected into categories. A whole category at once as well as individual metrics can be enabled or disabled.

Disrtibution ChartWhere it makes sense, STAN promotes metric averages and distributions from lower level to higher level artifacts. Selecting such a metric on a higher level artifact will show the distribution as a bar chart.

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STAN 2.1.2

We are pleased to announce the 2.1.2 maintenance release of STAN, adding support for Java 8.