Basic Settings

While analyzing Java byte code, STAN collects all the information needed to build a detailed model of the application's structure. The code base is determined by choosing Java archive (JAR) files and class folders. Exclusion Patterns may be provided to ignore specific parts, e. g. test classes.

The Level of Detail specifies if our model shall include the member layer with all the classes' fields and methods or if it shall be limited to the class layer and above.

We have already mentioned Java's package concept as the basic way for grouping classes into higher level units. However, the package structure also builds a tree. For example, the packages com.stan4j.db and com.stan4j.ui are sub-packages of package To take this into account, STAN allows you to toggle between the Flat Packages and Package Tree modes.

As another point, you might want to look at your application as one big code base or you might want to pay respect to the library layer. By switching to Show Libraries mode, you can inspect each library on its own as well as how the libraries are related to each other.

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STAN 2.1.2

We are pleased to announce the 2.1.2 maintenance release of STAN, adding support for Java 8.