Download Rich Client Application

Downloading the Application

Download STAN APP (~30M) and unpack the ZIP archive to your file system. This will create a directory <install_dir>/stan containing all the files from the distribution.

Installing the License Key (optional)

As a customer, you should have received a key per email. Copy the key and save it as file <install_dir>/stan/stan.lic.

Running your first Structure Analysis

Start STAN, select Menu "File - New...". Follow the wizard and choose some JAR files and/or class folders, then press "Finish". That's all!

Getting Help 

STAN provides context sensitive help throughout the user interface: just press the F1/Help key. Select "Help > Help Contents" to browse the available help topics. For your convenience, you may also download the STAN APP help in PDF format here.

For a brief overview of STAN's concepts and features, please refer to our White Paper

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STAN 2.1.2

We are pleased to announce the 2.1.2 maintenance release of STAN, adding support for Java 8.